Our Sustainability Journey

At Elms+King, we’re committed to creating accessories and apparel that not only cater to the needs of the modern woman, but also prioritise sustainability. Every piece in our collection serves a purpose. We’re all about striking the perfect balance between style and responsibility – because why choose one when you can have both?

A more sustainable future

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From the materials we source, to how we manufacture our products, we’re dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment. But it’s not just about being “green”, its about helping you make choices you can feel good about.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to up our sustainability game. Our latest focus is embracing innovative materials and textures, all while doubling down on recycled materials. And yes, our packaging is getting on eco-friendly makeover too. Watch this space.

So, whether it’s our clothing collections crafted from natural fibres, or our accessories made from recycled polyurethane or nylon, each piece is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future. We’d love for you to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference – one fabulous look at a time.


We are excited with the progress of our transition to the use of 100% recycled materials in our accessories. We are in full swing, with all new styles being crafted from premium recycled polyurethane and premium quilted nylon. We are committed to sustainability, which is why we’re prioritising materials certified by the Global Recycled Standards (GRS) and collaborating closely with our suppliers to ensure all materials meet out standards. It’s our way of giving a second life to materials while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.